Why Choose Boyle?

At the Boyle school we are dedicated to every dancer at every level. Our mission is to deeply enrich the lives of our students, their families and our community through the world of Irish dance. Irish dancing is a fun and healthy way to form habits of self-discipline, excellence, work ethic, and physical fitness for dancers of any age and level of ability. At the Boyle School, we are committed to fostering teamwork and assisting our students in reaching their full potential as people and as a dancer. Each member of our staff works tirelessly to help our students reach their goals. We believe all dancers who would like the opportunity to perform should be given the opportunity. Consequently, our performance group has delighted audiences far and wide, bringing Irish culture through dance to public and private events. Our competition teams have enjoyed the highest success time and again at local, regional and world championships.

"My name is Anthony Sharkey and I am a two-time world champion dancer and former principle dancer with Riverdance the show. In 2008, I contacted the Boyle school of dance to offer my services as choreographer and work-shopper for their school. The reason for writing this follows such a wonderful week of dance and fun with your school.

Over the past number of years, I've had the privilege and pleasure to be a part of the Boyle School of Irish Dance. Irish Dancing has always been a major part of my life and little did I know that one day I would have the honour of travelling to the United States to share my experiences and talent with such wonderful people. Dance has always been about fun for me and this has been a central part of my time with the Boyle School.

Although competition is an important part of any young dancers life;at Boyle, fun, joy,and friendship are just some of the additional values that are promoted at the school. I have seen a great improvement in results at regional, national and international competitions and this is down to the tremendous dedication and patience of the wonderful staff at Boyle. Furthermore, the recitals over the past number of years have been top class, allowing the wonderful talented dancers to express and show off their talents on stage.

The importance of family is central to the success of Boyle, where​ ​astudents/ parents support and encourage each other. I have fond memories of my first time arriving and noticing the "BoyleSchool"​​car stickers proudly displayed on the p​arents'vehicles. ​

Above​ ​all, what makes Boyle so special for me is the work ethic and dedication of the young dancers. All dancers and teachers push themselves so hard that deserves high commendation. At times, during' Shark week' dancers are working at their peak and these dedicated dancers have always shown perseverance and true grit that has made me proud and urged me to work at my best.

I look forward to working with these talented and committed dancers and teachers over the next few years helping them reach their goals and realising their dreams."

Go Boyle!

Anthony Sharkey

"Dancing with The Boyle School has been such a wonderful experience for our daughter, Cara. From her first dance class at age 7 until today at age 18, Boyle has become a second family to her.   Although she never chose to compete, Cara has had the opportunity to develop her dancing while participating in Show Class, performing for the community, and becoming a student teacher.  The Boyle School teachers create a fun and nurturing environment for the dancers so that everyone has a positive experience while learning to dance to their fullest potential.   It has been amazing to watch over the eleven years that our daughter has been dancing with Boyle, the passion and dedication the staff has for each and every dancer, whether they are a 5 year old beginner, a 12 year old Show Class dancer or a 20 year old World Champion. Thank you Boyle School, for allowing our daughter to grow up and discover her passion with you!!"

— Michelle and Tom Maroney

"We have been with the Boyle School for over 10 years and feel that the Boyle School is truly unique in the quality and diversity of opportunities offered to dancers of all ages and abilities.  Boyle School dancers can take regular, competition and show classes.  All Boyle school dancers can perform at three parades a year, and show class dancers perform all year round at events ranging from the smallest festivals and private parties to Constitution Hall, Shamrock Fest and the National Christmas Tree!  In competition class, dancers are trained to realize their full potential, from beginners to World Qualifiers.  The opportunities are endless, and we were very pleased when our recent Boyle School graduate took her shoes with her to college.  We could not have asked for anything more."

— Kevin Kivimaki

"The Moran sisters started dancing with the Boyle School in 2012 upon returning to the United States after living in Europe for six and a half years.  We can honestly say that the Boyle School helped make our girls move all the more easier.  The Boyle School has a strong family and caring atmosphere which provides the kids with a positive experience.  The Boyle School provides the dancers with amazing opportunities to experience Irish dance and culture in positive and a genuinely fun experience.  Our daughters have been able to compete not only in local and regional competitions but also the World Irish Dance Championships, which is a result of the hard work and dedication of the Boyle School teachers.   The Boyle School dancers have the opportunity to perform year round throughout Northern Virginia in festivals, private functions, parades and St. Patrick’s Day.  The dancers look forward to St. Patrick’s Day as do the parents as it is a great experience and good time! Thank you Ellen, Alannah, Elizabeth and Katie for helping our daughters to love Irish dancing."

— Tim and Ra Chel Moran